BADASS opened its first shop in 2018 on Váci Street, near the Göncz Árpád city center. Since its opening, the specialty coffee shop's offerings have expanded to include vegan pastries and sandwiches, taking into account customer demands. However, the main focus has consistently remained on the world of coffee and doughnuts. Expert baristas craft the high-quality, light-roasted coffees from Warda Coffee, a local micro-roaster, preserving its authentic flavor.

"Our dream is to bring high-quality specialty coffee and artisanal doughnuts to as many people as possible," said Balázs Bernhardt, the Managing Director of BADASS, about the opening in the ACADEMIA office building. "We want to share our passion and commitment to coffee and doughnuts with others, as we love both for their quality and excitement. The past five years have proven that through the world of coffee and doughnuts, we can find a way to our consumers' hearts. We offer a lifestyle, a unique taste experience that captivates those who try it with its diverse flavor profile. Our development has now reached the next level, and it brings us immense joy to invite those who seek quality coffee to this beautifully renovated, prestigious downtown building."

"We have always sought and followed the latest trends and quality in the design and execution phases of the project. It is important that the services of ACADEMIA also meet these standards" took over Kinga Halász, the Leasing Manager of ConvergenCE. "The offerings of BADASS, with its high-quality coffees and uniquely flavored doughnuts, further enrich the services of our office building. As a regular and knowledgeable coffee consumer, I can say that one of the most outstanding players of Budapest is joining us."

BADASS Coffee & Donut welcomes the coffee enthusiasts in the modern wing ACADEMIA (6 Akadémia St.) from Monday to Friday between 8.00 AM and 4.00 PM until 22 December. They will be closed during the holidays and reopen on 2 January, 2024!