Contemporary dance on the façade: a new perspective for the Kalvin Square office building

The Kalvin Square office building hosted an unique art event in late October, with its façade turned into an extraordinary, vertical stage by dancers performing in the air, hanging from ropes, under the auspices of the 26th Café Budapest Festival of Contemporary Art.

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ESTON provides long term leasing solution for Nielsen

As the result of the successful cooperation between ESTON International and AC Nielsen Piackutato Kft. a long term lease agreement was signed in September at the Vaci Utca Center office building.

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From transformer building into high category downtown Art Deco office building

One of the most unique Category “A” office buildings in downtown Budapest is to be delivered this year at Markó street 9: it used to be an electrical transformer building but has now been given a new identity. The attraction of the Art Deco building, which is under protection as a historical monument, derives from its busy inner city location, historical character and special interior design elements.

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1000 sqm New Work Labs coming to Kyiv

Mr. Levon Papoyan is the head of office agency and consultancy at Cushman & Wakefield in Ukraine. We talked about the latest 1000 sqm New Work Labs opening in May, 2018.

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Váci út corridor: 15-16 € coming soon

Mr. László Vas spent four successful years at Diófa Fund Management, as a real estate investment manager. He now runs his own company, LDR-RE Consulting Ltd. We talked about whether the market is overheated, what is to be expected in rents and what he is going to do in a year.

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Office Rental Knowledge Base

You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

What kind of advertising options are available on the portal?

Datasheet. Datasheet highlights. List highlighting. Recommended office building. Office AdWords. Banner. PR articles.

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Green Building Certificates BREEAM

BREEAM - BRE Environmental Assessment Method - was established in 1990 as a tool to measure the sustainability of new non-domestic buildings in the UK. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building's environmental performance. A BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a building specification, design, construction and use. The measures used represent a broad range of categories and criteria from energy to ecology. They include aspects related to energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers, designers and building managers to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their buildings to clients, planners and other initial parties The stages of assessment in which BREEAM schemes can currently be used to assess the environmental impacts arising as a result of an individual building development (including external site areas) are: - Design stage (leading to an interim certificate) - post Construction Stage (leading to a final certificate) - Operational Stage(BREEAM in use currently in development for international

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The uploaded news and transactions are appearing automatically?

No, before activating your news and transactions our colleague verifies the contents. If the content meets our editorial requirements it will appear directly on the portal.

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