Shopping Centres to Reinvent Themselves as Simply ‘Centres’ by 2030

Shopping Centres of the future will become just ‘centres’ and will reinvent themselves as mixed-use destinations. Healthcare, educational and leisure facilities will all become a fundamental part of the shopping centre, according to new insights from the Future of Retail 2030, by the world’s leading real estate services firm, CBRE.

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Move in to your new office within 24 hours - – myth or truth?

“Sign today and move in tomorrow.” – is the motto of a provider that has been turning Budapest’s instant office market upside down in the last 3-4 years. This is NEW WORK Serviced Offices (NWSO).

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The lowest vacancy rate for years in Central Buda

The award-winning Alkotás Point, a class “A” office building, is one of the few on the domestic market of office buildings that boasts a 15-year history of regular tenant contract renewals, area extensions and a nearly 100% occupancy rate. Heitman, the owner of the three-tower building, spent a record amount on developments a few years ago and is continuously monitoring possibilities for the creation of an environmentally friendly and “inspiring” work space. The regularly upgraded services and efforts driven by environmental awareness guarantee the prestige and lasting value of the building located the western entrance to the city.

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1000 sqm New Work Labs coming to Kyiv

Mr. Levon Papoyan is the head of office agency and consultancy at Cushman & Wakefield in Ukraine. We talked about the latest 1000 sqm New Work Labs opening in May, 2018.

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Váci út corridor: 15-16 € coming soon

Mr. László Vas spent four successful years at Diófa Fund Management, as a real estate investment manager. He now runs his own company, LDR-RE Consulting Ltd. We talked about whether the market is overheated, what is to be expected in rents and what he is going to do in a year.

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Office Rental Knowledge Base

You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

The uploaded news and transactions are appearing automatically?

No, before activating your news and transactions our colleague verifies the contents. If the content meets our editorial requirements it will appear directly on the portal.

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How can i modify / update the already registered data?

By entering the useradmin platform, clickink on My buildings menu where you need to select the office building, after choosing Edit profile which opens the changeable version of the datasheet.

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What is Office AdWords?

It is our self developed text advertising possibility in our portal network, which guarantees that the advertising of an office building, office furniture company or a real estate agency will reach their own target group.

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