Lighting engineering design of public buildings – is a complex process, which, in addition to the necessary certificates, requires from the staff of the developercompany specialized knowledge and experience. Without these components it is almost impossible to implement any plan. The Russian company TRINOVA offers a professional approach to the complex design solutions for lighting and lighting design using advanced Lighting Management Systems (LMS).


The need of the implementation of the LMS in the office buildings, hotels, conference centers, etc. is caused by a number of factors. Among these the mandatory – requirements on energy efficiency in the city of Moscow, as well as compliance to the “Green (Blue) certificates” (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB), which are very tightly regulate the average energy consumption level for lighting per unit area.


In this situation, to provide the normalized level of luminance of a working surface without lighting management system is practically impossible. Obtaining the “Green certificate” guarantees positive influence on the image of the company, thereby, increasing its competitiveness on the market.


Energy saving is achieved by using high-quality lighting equipment working in combination with different sensors (motion sensors, sensors of luminance, temperature sensors, etc.) and the well commissioned lighting control system. By LMS, artificial light can be turned on and off automatically according to the working schedule and the presence of the persons in the working areas, and during the day time the desired level of luminance is maintained based on the level of natural light that comes in the working space from the outside.