Croatia Green Building Council has all together 100 members; all of them have something in common with green economy, and among this segment with the Green Buildings. Most of the member belong to the construction sector – building companies, developers, building material manufacturers, intelligent system suppliers, energy certifiers, architects and all other engineers. The idea of green building is interesting also to a bank sector, different association, professional chambers and city municipalities, so they all belong to our green building network.


Construction market in Croatia in this moment is deeply involved into energy efficiency regulation and implementation, but also in new building developed with green principles. We have very good regulations, parallel to EU standards and this is basically the point from where we can build together the platform for green construction market, green jobs and green economy in brother sense.


What kind of opportunities can Greenbuild EuroMed, the first Conference&Expo edition for euromediterranean market, organized this year by Veronafiere, offer to companies in your sector?

Every visitor from Croatian market, member or nonmember of Croatia Green Building Council, will have the opportunity to see what are the trends in Italy and Europe, probably some best praxis as well there is a possibility to meet the professional who were already involved in great green building projects. There is still a lot of opportunities to learn for all Croatian stakeholders, especially developers, so we expect that they could share some good experience with other colleagues from Europe.


What are the activities Croatia GBC realizes to promote and improve sustainability of existing buildings?

Croatia Green Building Council is very active almost 6 year on Croatian market; as an Established World GBC member, we are in positon to create some brother politics concerning the green building market development; this position give us also more lobbyist power in our homeland. To improve the knowledge about the Green Building our Council offers many educational programs – regular Symposia on green buildings, Green Building Professional year round education, LEED, BREEAM and DGNB education, GREEN INTEGRATION B2B meetings, “Better Building Brunch” event etc. To raise awareness constant promotion via social networks and special professional media is also very important activity of ours.


The transformation of the construction market towards sustainability can only happen within the framework of international dynamics, what are the international activities of your GBC in this direction?

Croatia GBC is a part of European project BUILD UPON funded by Horizon 2020, together with other 13 countries where GBC’s exist. This project is perfect example of very innovative, creative and integrative project as well a very good platform for international cooperation between GBC’s in Europe. The main goals of the project is to help the national governments to implement the version 2 of National renovation strategies for 2017., so this project in also very important locally and will help our GBC to became more powerful and relevant professional body concerning the green buildings in Croatia.