The insulating materials multinational is present at every mayor event of the sector, gives sponsorship and collaborates with all those activities aimed to promote renovation.


Europe’s existing buildings are very old and suffer defficiencies which must be solved in order for these buildings to consume much less energy and be more environment-friendly.


Recently, URSA was present at the launch of the new office for the Service of Energy Saving and Renovation which has been promoted thanks to the collaboration between the Municipal Real-state Authority and the National Renovation and Refurbishment Companies Association, as a point for citizen advise focused on promoting energy saving in buildings.


The insulating materials company sponsors this office and has contributed to its building. An interactive model which shows how insulating materials (mineral wools and XPS) help save energy in the buildings where these are used. There are also examples of radiant floors, efficient boilers or outdoor insulating systems (SATE)


This space has been renovated energy-wise to service property owners associations and citizens insterested in renovating and improving the thermic behaviour of their buildings and houses.