World Green Building Week, a global movement to promote the value of green building initiated by the World Green Building Council, is being celebrated in Hungary September 16th – 21st 2013. Throughout the week, the Hungary Green Building ouncil (HuGBC) will be showcasing the best examples of Hungarian green buildings by hosting Green Walk. Significant green buildings throughout the country will be opened up to the public for the first time. A series of tours will be provided by industry experts that highlight the aesthetic value and demonstrate the high performance functionality of green technology and efficiency.

Green Walk locations represent the most recent developments of sustainable architecture and urban planning in Hungary. See Active and Passive Houses, Living machines; Certified green office buildings – 22 locations throughout the country prove that green building is thriving in Hungary! Most tours will be in and around Budapest, but notable environmental projects in other Hungarian cities will be exhibited as well. 

The University of Debrecen will present DEM, a recently completed building with high-tech engineering systems. The village of Penc will show the country’s only autonomous house built from straw bale. Visitors will be guided during the tours by professionals: the designers or the developers of the buildings.

Celebrate the accomplishments of the Hungarian green buildings and organizations at our WorldGBC Leadership Awards event on Friday 20 September 2013. Award nominees will be announced to the public during an informal party held by the HuGBC. Winners from all over Europe will be announced.

Registration is required! The Green Walk tour programmes are worth credit points for the members of Hungarian Chamber of Architects and Hungarian Chambe of Engineers.