Bulgarian Green Building Council (BGBC) is a non-profit NGO. The Council meets the challenges of creating more sustainable and more efficient built environment in Bulgaria. 


The organization operates on multiple professional levels, engaging representatives from various areas of expertise including politicians, industry professionals, members of scientific communities and academia, designers, architects, and engineers, students, etc. The organization is rapidly growing in size and is already an official authority in the field of sustainable construction and urban planning in Bulgaria. BGBC members are also part of a global network and have the opportunity to contribute to the green building community both locally and internationally, as well as to be the one of the first to learn about and take part in most current green building events and initiatives.


Since the foundation of BGBC Academy in 2011, it develops and conducts trainings focusing on most current green building topics such sustainable construction practices, urban planning and design, energy efficiency, green building materials and innovative environmental technologies. In addition BGBC Academy is the sole authorized education provider in Bulgaria for the two major internationally recognized green building certification systems – DGNB and LEED.


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