The event, which is held every 3 years, will take place at the Kursaal Congress Centre at Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain). The main topic of the Congress will be related to "Smartisation", or the introduction of new technologies in Architectural Envelopes. This topic will be the driving force for this Congress since envelopes are becoming increasingly important as core elements in the relationship between buildings and their environment. Likewise, it is thought that this relationship must be as dynamic as possible, allowing the envelope to react and adapt to the external and internal conditions, thus improving its performance and that of the building itself. To this end, it is essential for the envelope to receive information from its entire environment, opening and closing sections, modifying its thermal performance, changing its geometric configuration, darkening areas, etc. This "dynamisation" of the performance of the envelope is starting to be explored by means of new technologies and systems that allow to learn about all these parameters and react accordingly. For this purpose, the main goal of the Congress is to address this process; its advantages, drawbacks, problems, benefits, etc. and the way in which they must adapt, evolve or complement current systems.






Energy efficiency - Thermal storage New materials Sustainability Wind Photovoltaic systems - Solar gain Life-cycle Analysis Sound Insulation Glass Industrialised systems Safety (fire, earthquakes, explosions)