The legislation includes a number of important elements that will continue to support the efficiency of the building industry. In particular, the bill extends and improves the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction 179(D) through 2016. Under the bill, the deduction expands the existing allocation provisions to non-profit organizations and tribal owners. It would also phase in updates for the commercial energy code in order to qualify for the deduction.


These provisions, particularly the expansion of allocation options, will be of great use to community and non-profit development organizations. While this is welcome news, USGBC and others have long supported enhancing the existing deduction along these lines.


The package also includes:


Extensions of the New and Efficient Homes Credit 45(L) and parity for employer-provided mass transit and parking benefits

Enhancements to allocations for the New Mark Tax Credit

Changes to local match forQualified Zone Academy Bonds