Past Legacy Projects have included: an interactive playground in Philadelphia, a green building education center in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans, and an urban food garden in San Francisco. This year’s Legacy Project is an urban food studio at the Capital Area Food Bank in Northeast Washington, DC, which will provide critical programing on nutrition, cooking, and gardening to the greater Washington, DC, area.


The project was chosen as a Legacy Project finalist through an RFP-process by the Greenbuild Host Committee and USGBC National Capital Region. It was voted the winner by the green building community at NCR’s winter fundraiser. In addition to $10,000 in funding from Greenbuild, this year’s Legacy Project is receiving assistance from the Host Committee and local chapter in soliciting volunteers, materials donations, and further funding.


The Capital Area Food Bank serves over 500,000 people struggling with hunger in the DC metro area through its network of 500+partner agencies, including churches, synagogues, senior centers and other community groups. Completion of this project will allow the organization to expand its educational offerings and further its mission of empowering and enlightening the community about issues of hunger and nutrition.Reflecting the guiding principles of USGBC, the classroom structure is being constructed with reused and recycled materials, and will demonstrate sustainability practices such as rain water collection.