This year's two-day-long Sweden Green Building Conference 2013 took place in Stockholm. Participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and a number of other countries attended.

Bengt Wanggren, Chairman of the Swedish Green Building Council says that the purpose of the conference is to bring people together to discuss sustainable buildings and take action when they return to their country, city or town.

"For a long time, Sweden has been building very good buildings, sustainable and energy efficient buildings with good indoor qualities and so forth, but in the past, let's say five or ten years, or even three years, with the new certification schemes, here, industries are competing to make buildings as good as possible, so there are international investors, good customers here in Sweden that really want to buy those kinds of buildings and pay higher prices."

Wanggren explained that Sweden is aiming to build more and more sustainable and green buildings which have a low environmental impact; in reference to low energy consumption, good indoor air quality, and the lack of hazardous substances. In addition, areas should also promote green transportation, whereby if it is possible for someone to walk, ride a bike or take a bus or train to their desired location, they should do so as this will reduce the amount of emission produced by car exhausts.

Paul King, President of World Green Building Council's European Network said that the method of reducing emissions through building has great potential.

"The mitigation potential of buildings is twice as high as any other sector of the global economy, and that is why building is such an important place to save energy and carbon dioxide in a cost-effective way."

During the conference, many companies exhibited products relating to the building industry, such as low carbon dioxide concrete, CO2 absorbing roof cover, green roofing, ventilation products and heat exchangers. There were also displays related to sustainable city planning as well as information exchanges in the process of building new cities or rebuilding old ones.