Deloitte focused on finding partners that would help create an environment that stimulated conversation between employees and encouraged collaboration at natural meeting points throughout the building. As The Edge would become the new office standard for Deloitte, the AV solutions that would be provided had to be cutting-edge and have green values.

When Deloitte embarked upon building the most eco-friendly and innovative office on the planet, they knew only the most cutting-edge technology would do. The company needed state-of-the-art solutions that were 4K and HTML5 ready, provided a fully centralised AV backbone and would future-proof their offices for the years to come. On-top of this, the solutions needed to be user-friendly for the 1,000+ employees at The Edge.

Systems integrator AVEX has a long history with Deloitte, undersranding that delivering engaging visual communications is a core part of the Deloitte business. This meant The Edge would require the latest industry standard in image resolution: 4K. The format offers a resolution four times greater than Full HD (1080p) and delivers a sharp and detailed visual image. In addition to its 4K solution needs, Deloitte wanted solutions that had the highest picture quality, were energy efficient, and offered application versatility from presentations to digital signage. Sony was recommended by AVEX as its the only manufacturer able to deliver a complete line-up of 4K professional displays with HTML5 and IP Control.

Over 100 BRAVIA 4K LED Professional Displays some including U-Touch overlay technology were installed in its meeting rooms (including the FWD-85X9600P, FWD-55X8600P and FWD-65X8600P displays).

The BRAVIA 4K displays helped Deloitte grab attention from digital signage to video conferences thanks to the lifelike detail, rich colours and exceptional wide contrast of the solution, ensuring Deloitte gets its message across when it really matters.

The HTML5 capability of the professional monitors also made it easy for Deloitte to create digital signage – quickly, efficiently and at a low cost. The BRAVIA 4K displays are also very easy to install and simple to manage, from standalone signage to large multi-screen applications.

Deloitte opted to install the 4K SRX-T615 projector for visualisation and simulation applications in its presentation/auditorium room. The 18,000 lumen SRX-T615 projects bright, consistent, high-contrast 4K images with flexible and easy installation in a wide range of environments and exceptional operating versatility. The SRX-T615 includes a number of features that impressed Deloitte, including interleaved lamp control for longer life, lamp fail-safe for resilient operation.

The Sony solution also includes 29 video security cameras used to secure the premises of the modern Deloitte facilities. Sony installed 17 SNC-DH280 and 12 SNC-CH280 video security cameras from the V-Series line.

“The Deloitte office is certified as the most innovative and sustainable office in the world,” said Erik Ubels, director of information technology and workplace at Deloitte Netherlands. “The office even knows individuals light and temperature preference. Our aim was to make The Edge the best place to work. It is an honor to have Sony, a very important client, working with us. I have always been a very dedicated Sony fan and customer and I have a long relationship with the company. All the technology in the office is based on Sony´s 4K Professional Displays, which blend nicely with the design of the building. We also use the 4K SRX-T615 projector in our auditorium, which is very beneficial for demonstrating a large amount of critical data on the wall screen to directors during important meetings. Finally, even the CCTV security cameras are from Sony. We love Sony.”