Singapore has ranked within the top three in the global listings for green buildings. First place was taken by Paris, and London third.

The rankings were part of a White Paper from consultancy firm Solidiance. The purpose of the paper was to evaluate the green building performance in these cities in order to better understand global progress towards sustainable development, learn more about best practices and clarify what is working and what isn’t.

The four categories for assessment were:

• City-wide Green Building Landscape
• Buildings Efficiency and Performance
• Green Building Policies and Targets
• Green City Culture and Environment

Both Paris and Singapore excelled in all four categories, putting them top of the list.

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Green buildings have become increasingly relevant in recent years due to an overall rise in environmental concerns.

The buildings we live and work in are responsible for over 40 percent of total energy use, 25 percent total water use and 30 percent greenhouse gas emissions. They are by far the biggest contribution to climate change.

So, there’s no doubt that green buildings are valuable for those conscious about their carbon footprint, but does such technology have any place in the world of luxury real estate?

Armelle Le Bihan, Green Building Consultant and ESD engineer based in Thailand says yes. She explained to Property Report:

“Green Building is not a tree hugger’s trend. Although they do positively respond to environmental issues, they also make true business sense. They have14% lower operational costs, 30% higher occupant satisfaction and enjoy a 7% increased asset value compared to non-green buildings.

“True luxury is being able to enjoy a condition of great comfort and lifestyle that provides you with high quality of life and well-being within a safe and healthy haven. It is most certainly the access to an indoor environment at perfect temperature levels that benefits from natural light and provides clean air in an urban context. This is what Green Buildings are all about.”