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The renovation of the building dating from 1978 Van der Heijden Building and Development, according to co-owner Herbert van der Heijden an example. The Very Good rating is relatively common in new construction projects with the BREEAM certification go to work, but the valuation is first dragged through a renovation project on hold.

Van der Heijden talks about the decision with BREEAM to get started: "In 2011 we took the decision to go with the sustainability of our building to work. We decided to work with the BREEAM certification, the most recognized certificate.This will make exactly demonstrate what measures you take. We are glad that we so far the first renovation with a Very Good certification. It fits perfectly in our strategy to grow. "To sustainable contractor

Van der Heijden compares the old and the new situation: "The building systems were very dated. We must invest to realize that we had in mind. Measures two million in the renovation We now generate fifty percent of the energy itself, by means of solar panels. "In total, 420 square feet of solar panels.

addition to the use of solar energy, water consumption halved. The property now has the energy label A + +, the decrease in energy consumption is 43 percent.The payback of the measures is estimated at approximately eight years.Van der Heijden "what i am most proud of is that with all these different measures a CO2 emissons of 57% have been achieved.