Mr. Hubert Abt is the principal of the company; he flies to and back between 4 countries lately as NWSO is currently expanding to abroad. He says that ‘one day sign in’ is not just a slogan, it really works. You do not have to care about anything but your own business. “The impact of digitalisation on the working environment is clear: tenants want flexible, high-quality service without constraints” – he says. We ask for a closer picture.

“If you sign a contract with us today, you can work within 24 hours at your own desk. In a working environment where everything works properly and you can focus on your core business. There is a coffee machine in the kitchen, a high-bandwidth WLAN is operating, cleaning lady comes in the evening and service list is to be continued. What is important: it is optional, the individual services are free to choose.”

We have made an undercover test: we called Anker office ( ) like a potential tenant and checked all the promises. First, we asked for a lease agreement. It’s only a few pages, built modularly, easy to interpret, no fine print. We have also asked for tenants list and actually it is quite mixed: mostly startups, small companies with great ideas. The place is also designed for working alone and for co-working lifestyle. You can have a designated floor or just a corner. (Actually, Anker is almost fully booked, check details at: If you need a more elegant environment, you better choose A100 with financial service providers, lawyers etc. Tenants do not have to bring their own furniture or office equipment, and this kind of business model is working: offices we have visited look at least as good as traditional rented offices elsewhere in the city. We have seen that service level of NEW WORK Serviced Offices is the equalized everywhere but all of the places have a different style and charisma. Our verdict: a really efficient office solution for small and mid-sized companies, irrespectively of the branch. Bonus: our e-mail was answered within 30 minutes; the terms and conditions are really flexible. We felt that they took care of us – not overplayed but serving.

Mr. Abt also says that the shortest period you may rent an NWSO workplace for is four weeks, but this is only a theoretical possibility. Theoretical, because this has not happened yet: 80% of their partners stay for a year or longer. Serviced spots are different in styles and design, but the essence is the same: all of them offer transparent, simple, fast and highly efficient solutions.

 “We have to adapt to the latest trends in the real estate business; otherwise our business model falls apart. Small and medium businesses want flexible solutions, in order to be able to deal with their core business, instead of ordering suitable office equipment. Our partners want to spend for further grow instead of office fees. We can even serve one-person businesses: we recommend them a single chair coworking office, called NEW WORK Labs.”

So, query is solved: one-day-move-ins can really be possible, not only myths. NEW WORK Serviced Offices has simply found a market and gives perfect, tailor-made answers. Tenants can save money, turn business goals to reality - just like Mr. Abt’s team: who are opening a new center in Warsaw this December and another one in Kiev early next year.