89 exemplary buildings and 22 ecodistricts in the contest

This year, the contest breaks its record in terms of international participation, with 20 countries. Professionals from China, Sri Lanka, India, United States, Colombia or even Sweden submitted their realizations, alongside withSpanish, Italian, Belgian, French and Moroccan professionals, already well used to the contest. As for categories, "Low Carbon" and "Energy & Temperate Climates" gather the highest number of case studies with 35 candidates each.

Some of the building and city case studies


Zoom on the a new category: « Energy & Hot Climates »

In 2060, 60% of the world population will live in intertropical zones. Design, use of local materials and energy efficiency adapted to hot climates represent a major challenge. That's why ADEME launched, during the COP21, a "Sustainable building in tropical and hot climates" program, in order to identify and promote innovative solutions implemented in buildings under these climates. THe contest will allow some exemplary realizations to emerge to inspire other professionals.

11 categories to address climate challenges

Categories of the Green Building & City Solutions Awards

The "Energy & Temperate Climates" and "Energy & Hot Climates" categories present exemplary realizations in terms of energy efficiency and renewable energies in hot and fresh climates.

The « Smart Building » et « Smart City » categories highlight innovative projects working on automation of waste and energy management, deploying digital urban solutions or contributing to a balanced energy network.

Another new 2016 feature: the "Low Carbon" category, promoting buildings with a reduced carbon footprint, not only during the management/occupation stage, but also during the construction stage.

City21 : toward  sustainable cities!

Because sustainable buildings are inseparable from urban challenges, Construction21 launched City21 in 2015, a database promoting sustainable districts and urban solutions. The 2016 contest expands to cities with more than 20 competing ecodistricts.

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September :

National juries – National online votes for Building

Press conference announcing the finalists from each country

October : 

Communication campaign around finalists

International juries and online votes for Building & City

November 14 :  

Awards ceremony at the COP22 in Marrakesh

Communication campaign around the winners

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