In the event taking place in Bratislava that has been prepared jointly by the Slovak Green Building Council (SKGBC) and  the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, the speaker has focused on energy efficiency, one of the five pillars of the Energy Union.

Energy efficiency is and always will be the driving force of our economy. It is estimated that each percentage energy savings’ increase will reduce gas imports by 2.6%. At a time when gas is often used as a geopolitical tool, in our region more specifically as well, this would be a significant incentive for further investment in energy efficiency, said Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice-President responsible for the Energy Union.

The increasing energy efficiency is indeed important for countries such as Slovakia. Our energy-intensive, yet dynamically growing economy is highly dependent on energy suplies, therefore it is quite vulnerable in terms of energy security and long-term competitiveness.

The greatest potential for energy savings next to transport lies within the buildings‘ sector. The German Fraunhofer ISI Institute has calculated that Slovakia has the potential to slow down the expected inrease in energy consumption by 2030 by 38%. Slovakian experts, however, point out only the restoration of residential buildings could lead to reducton of energy consumption up to 10% compared to the status quo. Thus it is about the net reduction, explains Peter Robl, Vice Chairman of SKGBC

SKGBC welcomes the concept of the Energy Union as well as the measures from the area of energy efficiency proposed. Besides these long-term measures it would be desirable to insist on the consistent implementation of the exising legislation. For instance, energy performance certificates required for buildings, being subject to quality control, could have as much importance as the labeling of white goods according to energy intensity (A, B,C etc. class). Changes in ESA 2010 accounting standards could in turn accelerate the restoration of public buildings the way the private funding would be made possible, emphasizes Robl.


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