Today, standing on the edge of the historic part of town, it appears that the icy mountains have encroached on Turin’s city center. A new, gleaming, ice-like building stands there: the new LEED Platinum Sanpaolo Tower.


Designed by architect Renzo Piano, the 166-meter-high tower has incorporated transparent glass, opalescent glass and lacquered aluminum on the exterior. Designed as a “bioclimatic building” and a home for the banking magnate Intesa Sanpaolo, the tower incorporates cutting-edge technologies and materials.


The team behind the project took advantage of integrated design to assist with LEED certification through early planning and ongoing collaboration. Energy consumption has been optimized, and the interior office is designed to maximize natural daylight. The cladding consists of transparent double-skinned glass facades that incorporate louvers for greater efficiency. With advanced logic control systems and passive strategies, it reduces energy consumption while ensuring internal comfort.


A particular highlight of Sanpaolo tower is its naturally ventilated bioclimatic greenhouse, which welcomes the public on three levels: a restaurant with a garden, an exhibition hall and a roof terrace.


It’s a place you won’t want to leave. It’s also a great view of Turin’s famous backdrop.