City of the fairs Antalya is again hosting an important trade fair…


The professionals of Property and Investment sector from Turkey and all over the world gather in Antalya.


INVESTEUASIA 2016 International Trade Fair for Property, Project and Investment is being organized in Antalya Expo Center between the dates 23 - 25September 2016. The event bringing the prominent names of property, investment, valuation, engineering, planning, finance and tourism areas together, is shown as one of the most prestigious events in the world.


Representatives from public institutions and private sector meet non-governmental organizations and investors under the roof of this event supported by Antalya Governorshipand City of Greater Antalya


Pyramids Group team appreciates the kind interest of the governor of Antalya, Mr. Sebahattin ÖZTÜRK and the mayor, Mr. Menderes TÜREL as a result of their visit.  The project director of Investeurasia 2016 shares her joy of working with a team of colleagues in love with Antalya.


The governor of Antalya, Sebahattin ÖZTÜRK, states his belief on the huge contribution of Investeurasia 2016 to the vision and the identity of Antalya and says “Likewise the other prestigious events held worldwide, this event will be a very important gate for Turkey to the world market. We give great importance to these fair organizations that has a prominent role on announcing the subsidies and advantages provided by our government. In my opinion, this event will provide privileges to the investors who are participating. ”


The mayor of Antalya, Mr. Menderes TÜREL declares his content of the visit and the organization of the trade fair in Antalya and says “We appreciate welcoming the professionals of property and investment industry in the stunning atmosphere of Antalya. Hosting millions of tourists worldwide, Antalya will be hosting the participants of INVESTEURASIA 2016 in the best lucrative way.


Visit event website here.