In Poland, 202 developments have hitherto been awarded BREEAM certificates and 47 developments have received LEED certificates. 


During the last 12 months the number grew by over 60%. According to information published by BRE (Building Research Establishment) and GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute) there are already 249 certified developments in Poland. 




BREEAM and LEED remain the most popular certificates on the Polish market. Owners and developers most often decide that their building should undergo BREEAM certification. Only every fifth certified building is LEED certified. 


Gold level is the most popular certification grade awarded to buildings certified within LEED system (53% of certified buildings), and Very Good is the most popular grade awarded within the BREEAM system (64% of certified buildings). Share of grades scored by buildings certified within BREEAM and LEED systems


Both systems include variations of their programs dedicated to already existing buildings and those newly designed ones. In case of newly designed developments, assessment is focused i.e. on: location, design process, construction process management, building systems and characteristics. In order for a building to become certified, it has to fulfil rigorous requirements concerning energy efficiency and comfort of use, which must exceed the applicable standards. Certification programs also include quality optimization of internal environment, the use of novel and effective systems, advanced material management which promotes the use of regional and recycled materials. The certificates of existing buildings focus on optimization and the assessment of actual building operation. Operational procedures and actual building effectiveness are subject to assessment.




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