The new Smart Cities Plan promises to “coordinate and drive smarter city policy” as well as draw on innovative finance mechanisms such as the ‘value capture’ model to deliver essential infrastructure, drive innovation, and improve the sustainability of the cities.

GBCA Chief Executive Officer Romilly Madew notes that the Government is prioritising investments that improve environmental outcomes, and is also promising to encourage the use of rating systems such as Green Star.

While the Smart Cities Plan acknowledges that Green Star can improve the sustainability, quality and efficiency of buildings and precincts, it stops short of a commitment to meet best practice benchmarks for green buildings, precincts and infrastructure.

According to Madew, GBCA would like to see clear commitments from the Government, which will ensure sustainability is a central pillar of any City Deal project around the nation.

Recalling the Prime Minister’s statement that his government wanted to be a ‘partner, supporter and collaborator’ in the development of cities as demanded by industry for many years, Madew said there were promising signs including the appointment of a federal minister for cities.

GBCA looks forward to working with all levels of government, industry and the community to ensure the delivery of the Smart Cities Plan.