Following Gottfried’s release of his Explosion Green book upon USGBC’s 20th Anniversary at Greenbuild 2013, Gottfried undertook the project of personally curating and interviewing 40 of the world's foremost thought leaders in green building and sustainability, including Rick Fedrizzi, Jane Henley, Mark Ruffalo, William McDonough, Amory Lovins, Art Gensler, Janine Benyus, Paull Hawken, Nils Kok, Che Wall and dozens more.

Explosion Green Live launches digitally for free during 12 to 16 May 2014 – an incredible FREE offering for all global GBCs and their members and supporters, without the enormous expense of traveling to global green building conferences. And unlike one-dimensional conferences, Explosion Green Live includes only personal interviews that ask the penetrating questions, seeking to discover, highlight and emphasize disruptive breakthroughs and inspiring innovations of an unprecedented line-up of the world’s best and brightest sustainability visionaries and practitioners.

David Gottfried wants to partner the marketing of Explosion Green Live with each country GBC, where your country’s GBC becomes Gottfried’s Affiliate partner in bringing this fabulous free opportunity to your country green building advocates and students. GBC Country Affiliates will receive 50% of any revenue generated from their marketing efforts – for those customers who choose to buy full-time access to Explosion Green Live’s digital interview conference proceedings anytime after the event.

For more information to participate as a GBC country Affiliate for Explosion Green Live, please contact [email protected] and they’ll sign you up as an Affiliate and provide your country GBC with its own unique marketing link to the conference that gives you credit for your marketing efforts and generated revenue.