UK energy technology company, Flow Energy, has launched its new electricity-generating boiler. The Flow boiler, which is designed and manufactured in the UK, provides heating and hot water, while also fuelling an electricity generator to power the household.    Flow Energy is launching an alternative payment option, where customers can sign up to the Flow Finance package. Instead of paying for the boiler upfront, customers will be able to finance the cost through a loan agreement with peer-to-peer lending service Zopa.    Customers can also purchase the Flow boiler by signing up to the Flow Freedom package, where they pay for the boiler upfront.    By switching their home energy and assigning the Feed In Tariff to Flow for five years, Flow Energy boasts that its customers will receive a monthly reduction in their home energy bill of £80.00 a month.   The warranty offered on both the Flow boiler and the power module that enables it to generate electricity is two years.  The power module warranty can continue for up to 10 years if the customer continues to stay with Flow for their home energy and continues to assign the Feed-in Tariff to Flow.      Tony Stiff, CEO of Flowgroup, explains Flow’s approach: “We know many customers are worried about one-off household costs like replacing a boiler. We also know they want lower energy bills and that many people would like to be greener, without incurring additional expense.  We think the way to deliver these benefits to customers is through new and innovative solutions."