The DGB-Benchmark is also considered essential building characteristics such as capacity utilization and operating times. The instrument gives building owners and users a clear picture of the energy performance of their real estate offices.

The DGB Benchmark shows that office buildings with a green energy actually energy efficient. "So a theoretical energy gives a pretty good picture of the actual energy performance of a building," said Stefan Uffelen, director of the DGBC. "But we also see that using heavier on the energy down than we originally thought. Of course also play times using a large role in how energy efficient is an office. "

The DGB-Benchmark is an initiative of the DGBC, bbn consultants, CFP, Cofely Energy Solutions, Innax and NSI. For the development is working with a number of versatile players in the market of investors, users, administrators, metering companies and energy suppliers. This to achieve. Broadest possible representation of the market

In total, data from approximately 250 offices included in the benchmark. This represents an area of ​​over 3,000,000 square meters. The DGBC expected that at the end of the year about 5,000,000 square feet of offices in the DGB-Benchmark is processed. That's 10 percent of the Dutch office.

Arne Balvers of bbn consultants: "The DGB-Benchmark has grown rapidly in 2013. More and more investors see the value of the information. Our aim is to make the benchmark. Complete as possible Besides investors he also provides for other office users, such as government, semi-government and end users, valuable information. "