Deep Green Renovations with BUILD UPON is a live,  pan-European event as part of the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) Horizon 2020 “BUILD UPON” project; dedicated to improving the design and implementation of National Renovation Strategies across Europe. The event combines a virtual conference with an innovative virtual exhibition platform to bring together Europe's most involved and enthusiastic experts, companies, and other important stakeholders active in green building and retrofit initiatives and projects.   Participants can network with the BUILD UPON project team consisting of Green Building Council representatives from across Europe.


The event includes presentations on BUILD UPON’s objectives, stakeholder engagement process, the launch of the “RenoWiki” and project website, a description of the INNOVATION INCUBATOR for renovation initiatives, and successful case studies.   


The event starts at 10:30am (GMT) / 11:30am (CET) / 12:30pm (EET)  on the 22nd of October.  See Invitation and Presentation Schedule, full informational brochure and visit to register


The one day conference will be held within the Brightest! Greenest! Buildings virtual EXPO platform that is free to attend, eliminates travel time and the associated costs and carbon emissions.   Join with only a PC and an internet connection as an "Avatar". 


Companies are invited to join as exhibitors and sponsors and, if interested, should contact [email protected] for more details.   Discounts for registered members and Green Building Council members are available.