The Cumbria Green Build Festival takes place in the last two weeks of September.  The festival provides a unique opportunity to visit sites which are not normally accessible to the public  – from improvements in private homes to larger scale energy generation.  So if you are thinking about generating your own power or heat or insulating your home, here is the chance to talk to someone who has already done it.

We often see technologies including:

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)

Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water)

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Biomass Boilers

Wood Chip

Wood Pellet

Log Burning Boilers

Wood Burning Stoves

Natural, sustainable building materials

Hydroelectric power


Eco new builds

Traditional property retrofit

Lime Plastering

Sheeps wool insualtion

Internal & External Wall Insulation

Grow Your Own


It’s a fortnight jam packed with events that raise awareness of the opportunities for all of us to create a more sustainable future in Cumbria.

The annual Cumbria Green Build Festival recognises and celebrates the individuals, businesses, services, organisations and products in Cumbria helping to drive a lower carbon future. Every year there is bags of forward thinking technology, cutting edge architecture, motivational people and we hope you’ll enjoy the event as much as you’ll learn from it.

The 2015 Festival will take place across Cumbria between 12th and 27th September. Sign up to our enewsletter to ensure you stay up to date on the planned events.

The Cumbria Green Build Festival is part of the national Green Open Homes network.