As Richard Teichmann managing partner for the CEE region at Bischoff & Compagnons says “we are really proud of what we provide as a classic commercial real estate developer that offers services all the way through the added value chain, from land acquisition, provision of finance, planning & zoning procedure support, to providing construction consulting to project & marketing management.”

Long-term vision
Bischoff & Compagnons is a boutique developer with a special focus on smaller projects they believe in. At Bischoff & Compagnons Property Networks GmbH employees feel that they are part of a professional team, they are all working together on a project thus making work more flexible and effective. “We had a few exceptionally successful projects between 2000 and 2007/2008 but then the market collapsed. Nevertheless, we decided to stay in Budapest because we have a long-term vision for this region; our former experience led us to our firm belief in sustainability. We are much connected to our investors and we also co-invest so we are not only service providers. In our view sustainability is not only about energy saving but it’s a whole way of thinking, from the planning phase to the buildings future in 30-40 or even 100 years”, said Richard Teichmann.

Sustainability and responsibility the core and not the goal
Bischoff & Compagnons’ philosophy is completely business related and transparent, paying special attention to our planet’s limited resources. Bischoff & Compagnons’ developments are not merely after the certificate of sustainability but the management has a strong focus on the long-term, multi-generation approach of buildings. “We were the first to achieve a Platinum DGNB certification for Humboldthafen One in Berlin, our office building Ecopoint in Kosice was planned 7 and finished 3 years ago and is still Slovakia’s greenest and most energy efficient building. Even though the usage of the best technology available resulted in a 4% higher overall construction cost this additional investment is the very reason of the high rate of saving on the operating expenses. It is not only ecologically but also economically reasonable”, Richard Teichmann noted.


Historical environment & modern technology
Bischoff & Compagnons focuses not only on new developments but also on the redevelopment of historic buildings over 100 years old. “We try to refurbish these buildings and thus making cities more liveable and user-friendly. By now the market has recognised the quality and added value these buildings provide ie. in Vienna where Bischoff & Compagnons refurbished several historic premises. We think that also Budapest has this great potential”, Richard Teichmann added.

Bischoff & Compagnons’ latest development  - the Alphagon office in South-Buda - is about to start and is planned to be ready by Q2 2019. It will offer offices with an average of 860 sq m floor area. Offices will be available already from 230 sq ms offering ideal solutions not only for large tenants, but also for small- and medium-size companies.