The Cat Thin Film PV solar energy system, available in sizes ranging from 25 kW to 5 MW, can deliver up to 4.3% moreenergy than conventional crystalline silicon panels. It features Cat-branded PV module technology and is manufactured by First Solar.


“This solution offers our customers the opportunity to invest in reliable, affordable, high-performance PV modules backed by multiple gigawatts of First Solar’s expertise, combined with the familiarity and trust that comes with the Cat brand,” said Barloworld Power solar business development managerGrant Kirchmann.


He aded that the technology is best suited to installation on rooftops or carports for businesses wishing to reduce energycosts and improve ‘green’ credentials.


“It is not only cost efficient and environment-friendly but can also be fully integrated with other Cat power technologiesrenowned for their superior engineering and reliability.”


The company is currently installing a 300 kW test site at sister company Barloworld Equipment’s Isando campus, which is expected to save about R500 000 a year on energycosts.


“From our own experience, we’ve seen that thin film is the right technology for the C&I segment in Southern Africa. As we focus our efforts on utility-scale solar in the country, we are confident that Barloworld Power, with its extensive technical capabilities and sales and support infrastructure, is the right company to drive continued growth for thin film in the C&I segment,” First Solar Africa business development director John Eccles said.