Facing the historically famous lime kilns – nowadays a popular tourist attraction -, the new Vertigo Hotel has become the latest addition to the Polish town of Gogolin. A wood and stone building, with large windows opening on to the landscape, the project is designed by Mariusz Slugocki from the JAMS Architecture Lab.


With its different shapes and volumes, a look at the outside of this building might remind guests of Middle Age architecture. Its interior however holds many surprises. Each of the hotel’s 17 rooms and 2 suites is different. Inspired by the world’s metropolis, Tokyo, New York, London, Cracow, Amsterdam or Paris are some of the names guests can choose from when booking their stay.


But this is only the beginning. As guests venture into the hotel’s facilities, more surprises await: living walls bring plants into the conference room, while a train dining car makes up the hotel’s restaurant.


A spacious and airy building, Vertigo Hotel is 2,700 square metres large. Over the course of the construction process, the project developing company - Budopap sp z oo – knew that silence is a much valued asset in a building like this. Thus, over 600 metres of URSA AIR were installed in all HVAC ducts.

Aiming to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in all hotel rooms, the design team chose URSA AIR Zero A2 insulating panels. This material’s inside surfaces are covered by a highly sound-absorbing fabric, making it perfect for the team’s needs.


Furthermore, the project development team also appreciated other advantages in using this material: high thermal resistance, excellent acoustic absorption, guaranteed outstanding indoor air quality and optimum resistance to fire.


Moreover, the use of panels in air-conditioning duct building presents another set of advantages, regarding reduced weight and the volume that needs to be transported to the building site. Flexibility to construct the ducts on site allows building professionals to solve any problems derived from obstacles not considered in initial planning, or related to cladding or finishing, on site, without an extra visit to the workshop.