In 2015, six awards were given out to a total of nine individuals and groups whose dedication and commitment to assisting in USGBC's mission of creating a more sustainable built environment is demonstrated by their passion and hard work through volunteerism.


In this article, we highlight the 2015 Community Changemaker award winner Nicole Ferrini, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of El Paso, Texas. This award is given to an individual who is a leader in outstanding grassroots community organizing efforts.


Nicole is a founding member of the USGBC Chihauhuan Desert Chapter. She served as the LEED Project Manager for the City of El Paso’s first LEED-certified building and launched GRO El Paso, a leadership and community event that bridges sustainability and culture and has deepened the engagement of new audiences in her community. Her efforts have focused on building grassroots resilience on a regional scale.


Get to know Nicole in the video below.