·         What do you feel can be improved in the Polish sustainable market?

First of all should increase awareness of the profitability of green investments. “Green” the use technology which is slightly more expensive to build but cheaper to operate. Poland is still in the “discovery phase” of the perks of green building.


·         What is the perception among developers on the economic value of going green?

Only experienced and relatively long-acting on the market developers recognize that value. Developers who have just put the first steps in the office market are almost always more interested in the appearance of the buildings than the technologies used in them. They hope for a quick profit in the short term, but in today's market you need to think at least 15 years ahead. Green technology is just such thinking.


·         Is Warsaw the most attractive destination for green building development?

Without a doubt, Warsaw is the largest market in Poland and the gap between it from other regional markets is huge.  Although this does not mean that on the other markets nothing happens on the field of green building. In Tri-City for example we were the first to see LEED or BREEAM buildings.



·         Do you think with the constantly growing level of developments by polish companies, it is only a matter of time before the Poland sees a growing number of empty spaces in buildings?

Actual average vacancy rate in Poland represents the safe and sustainable level. Of course there are individual exceptions where the vacancy rate going dangerously up. But remember that Poland is in the flowering stage on the wave of interest by outsourcing industry. We are BPO/SSC leader in the CEE region. This situation will continue for at least several years. I think we can be confident about the level of vacancy. I mean, of course, a new substance. Century-old buildings are already experiencing a lot of problems with the level of rent.


·          How do you work sustainability not only into your projects but everyday day life aswell?

First of all I try to limit media consumption wherever I am. This of course applies to electricity, heat and water consumption. They generate the highest costs, right. So we have to think about solutions such as for example: energy-efficient equipment, photovoltaic technology or efficient plumbing systems. Although even without the use of new technologies, you can change your daily habits in the spirit of sustainability.