Juergen Willen Associates Architekten is present internationally. How Easter and western markets differ? Where the green technology is more demanded? 

During the last two decades many companies like real estates, production companies and others are internationally presented thus the market with its international clients has been changed and still does continuously due to globalism demands.  Therefore the international standards request ecologically sustainable and green buildings. dgnb (Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Nachhaltiges Bauen), LEED (U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL) and BREEAM are nowadays not only presented in their own market but globally represented as well.       


One of the countries you operate with is Russia. Some of the ongoing projects are J- Town and Riverside Moscow. Sanctions are implemented against Russia nowadays, how did it affect your business?

Well, for us architects an affection is hardly recognizable or let’s say almost non appreciable. Nonetheless the demand-based delivery has been changed: comparing to the past it was supplied through West Europe these days the supplies are based around the Asian market. 


Do you have plans for the future expansion in Europe or worldwide?

I am very open for any nice project anywhere.  


Each of your project has a unique design solution different from others like Iceberg in Moscow, Skills Center in Angola and so on. Where do you take inspiration? 

To listen to our clients with full an ear is one of my priorities or let’s say my strongest philosophy – I am convinced that understanding first of all begins with alert listening. Consequently it will be translated into its requested architecture. 


Can you name countries that are the best in implementing green architecture?

Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, USA 


What is the most promising market for green building developers now?

from my point of view the most promising market takes place in office buildings today and in the future. It is the necessity of sensitive thinking about the use of material in ecological and environmental consumptions. Green Buildings consequently save and reduce costs for economic reasons – beyond this it is our task for the future. 


Do you see progress in adopting new green legislation?



What style of architecture and design do you prefer and why?

Form Follows Function*  


What was the most challenging project so far?

It is always the present one. 


You say “only sustainable architecture will secure the long-term value of the building”. What is this extra value and what are the long-term benefits for it? 

The extra value is based on the sustainable concept of life cycle analysis for buildings. To dispose of hazardous waste at the end of a building’s life will cost more and add to or exceed the initial construction cost.  Apart from the negative impact on the environment, it rolls a big percentage of the building’s overall costs to the phase after the building has served its initial purpose.  



*cited by Louis Sullivan, Architect 1856 – 1924