He has been lecturing to different target groups from the named area, build some pioneer buildings and disseminate the knowledge about mentioned technologies at Slovenia and wider. He's member of “House of the building biology” organisation in Styria, Austria, he participated in “building biology” study at the private “Institute for building biology and ecology” in Neubeuern, Bavaria, Germany. 


1. What is the current situation of green buildings in Slovenia?

                    Only energy efficiency and renewable energy  are mostly understood as sustainability, green in relation to the buildings. Our GBC is working on the awareness rising about broader aspects of it.


2. What are the activities you taken to promote sustainability of existing buildings in Slovenia?

                    Networking, conferences, seminars, articles in media, .... work in field of "public green procurement", visiting ministries, chambers, ...


3. How do you see the future of GBC-Slovenia? What are the main things you will be focusing on?

                    Influencing the decision makers ( Ministries, Municipalities, ), preparing the adopted tools for certification system in Slovenia, lessons and lessons and lessons for all kind of stakeholders,...


4. What are the future of the green building market in Slovenia?

                    Mostly renovation of existed buildings in public ownership is the target market, nZEB is also an issue. 


5. What are the challenges and opportunities GBC-Slovenia facing in sustainability?  

                    To establish the GBC as main source for knowledge of sustainable building in the perception of slovenian stakeholders.


6. What goals does GBC-Slovenia have for 2020?

•  The system of certification of the buildings is established and in function.

•  GBC is self standing NGO and has professional  stuff.

•  All involved ministries implemented the sustainability criteria in theirs legislation acts.



Source: www.greenbuildinginfo.eu