1.What is your company doing in relation to Earth day on the 22nd of April?  


My colleagues and I are planning to cycle to work on that day.


2.Why is improving the use of geothermal heating so important to the infrastructure of towns and cities throughout the UK?


Heating accounts for the majority of energy use and emission in the UK. By the nature of urban location very few renewable technologies are suited for these locations due to traffic issues, visual impact and emissions. Geothermal is unlike any other large scale renewable  heat technology is that it has no visual impact and no emissions and it is also a base load energy supply meaning it is available all of the time.


3.What goals does your company have for 2020?


GT Energy aims to have 10 operational geothermal plant and another 4 in development by 2020 making us the largest supplier of geothermal heat in the UK.


4.How can you improve the energy security of the UK as a whole?


We are developing base load energy supply plants at location where the energy is needed. Geothermal plant have operational life of hundreds of year reducing our reliance on gas and other fossil fuels of which many are imported from Russia. For example Close to 40 geothermal plants have been developed in Paris since the 1970’s which has substantially reduced their reliance on imported fossil fuels and reducing emissions. Germany is now following suit with 80 plants across the country ranging from spa’s to district heating plantto geothermal electricity plants. Germany is planning to develop an additional 150 plant over the next 10 years. The geothermal industry in Germany is now reported to be worth over €4 Billion


5.What can companies do to make earth day a success?


Raise awareness of Earth Day and asking all contacts to make some sort of contribution toward Earth Day by reducing energy consumption and therefore emissions on that day. 

One way would be to include it in your email signature for the 4-6 weeks preceding the date. A link could also be included which would give more information.


Source: www.greenbuildinginfo.eu 

Publisher: www.greenbuildinginfo.eu