HuGBC is determined to campaign for a radical transformation of our built environment by providing information on sustainable practices and facilitate learning and communication between members and the industry, developing sustainable legislation and establishing market conditions that favor this process. 


HuGBC provides general information on sustainable design, construction, operation, and green building rating systems, and educate different groups of professionals and the public. The association plays a significant role in advocacy to apply environmentally responsible solutions in construction regulations, devise and evaluate methods, regulations, subsidies of energy-efficient and sustainable construction and reconstruction. HuGBC promotes advanced, eco-friendly, and cost effective solutions and technology in education.


The membership of the green building council consits of three groups: the individuals (the HuGBC was founded by indivual professionals), the regular members (companies) and  associated members (universities, NGOs, etc.). At this moment there are 77 members in the council, of the several in Hungary.


Hungary, thanks to the work of politic leader János Áder, is on the front line for increasing people’s awareness of climate change, which will also be a central topic of the Conference of Paris, taking place on 3rd December 2015. How are Hungarians receiving this and what’s their reaction?

Hungary’s President János Áder set up a new directorate responsible for environmental sustainability, and the issue of climate change became a subject of public speaking. For the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference he launched a supporting campaign by collecting signatures in Hungary. HuGBC welcomes the initiative, the change of attitues is a common goal for all of us.


The National road show on green buildings was a great success, thanks to the strong participation of many industry professionals. During the conference András Schmidt introduced the concept of Green House. What is it about exactly?

The LEED Platinum certified Green House is an outstanding project which gathered a great number of prizes and recognition since its completion in December 2012. Mr. András Schmidt, Skanska Property Hungary sustainability manager explained the experiences of the 2 years of operation on the Eco-Logical Conference series for Hungarian professionals throughout the country.


How will Greenbuild EuroMed 2015 be an important event for your members and, more generally, for all the green building professionals in Hungary?

Greenbuild is a highly important international event with a big reputation, it is a unique occasion  for knowledge transfer, to meet the novelties regarding technology, know-how and innovative materials. HuGBC supports and promotes the Europe&Meditterranean initiative dedicated to green building within Hungarian GBC members, spreads the news in the media, and encourages local professionals to attend. We are happy to welcome the conference in Europe, and hope to have many Hungarian companies and experts in Verona.


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