1. What is the current situation of green buildings in Spain?

If we understand Green Buildings a Buildings with a Sustainable Approach in the complete process of design and building, then we are on the good way towards a serious transformation of the market. There is still a very strong focus on the energy aspects, but we start perceiving that clients and real estate are looking beyond the energy question and aspects like water, internal comfort, health are becoming important as well.

2. What are the future of green building market in Spain?

Difficult to say, but green building market should be an overlapping concept of just the building market. As long as the real estate and building market is not taking off again, the future is uncertain to predict. But this moment of reactivation and change in the market is a clear opportunity to give a strong push towards a green transformation.

3. What are the role GBCE play in the commercial real estate market?

GBCe has a task of listening and collaborating with all the stakeholders in the Spanish building market. The commercial real estate agents are an important part of the market, but not the only once. It is true that they are at the beginning of the decision-making-chain, and that they can orientate the market, that is why they are important partners of GBCe. They very seldom take individual decisions, they mainly follow the main stream, so GBCe is working on the general perception and trying to help to define national policies that can influence the market tendensies.

4. How is the energy performance changing in buildings nowadays in Spain?

The energy performance in building in Spain nowadays is on the same level of exigences as in other European countries, at least if we speak about new constructions. In the market of rehabilitation, the situation is different because they are small actions and most of the time managed by a community of owners that are not thinking with the same priorities.

5. What are the challenges and opportunities GBCE facing in sustainability?

GBCe is facing a very strong change in policies towards the role of the construction world in the debate of climate change impacts. We can see that the work done in 2010 with the SB10MAD congress and in 2014 with the WSB2014BCN congress, had a serious influence on the decision making process in the spanish administration. The continuation of this work in the EU-H2020 project Build Upon and the work done for the Spanish Ministry for Building with the project PARAE, are clear examples that GBCe is considered as a high level knowledge organization with the capacity to acelerate the needed changes in the market.

6. What goals does GBCE have for 2020?

There are 4 main working fields for GBCe the coming years: communication, education, policy making, and technical development of rating tools and indicator systems. These 4 fields has to operate in a transversal way so that they nurish eachother and that on whatever moment, new actions are build upon the past with a broad view on needed changes.


Source: www.greenbuildinginfo.eu