-    Explain the location, please. A unit of New Work Labs will be opening in a shopping mall, called Globus. It is certainly an unusual deal - could you tell us more about it?

-    This will be the first co-working office space in a shopping mall in Ukraine, so this is a relatively new development on the market. If you think about it: it is a great idea! Co-working spaces or shared offices are not typical offices; these are places where people meet easily, members of the communities spend some hours together or work together on a project. All these at a very popular location. Globus is the best located shopping centre in Kyiv, next to the famous Maidan Nezalezhnosti square. It was one of the first professional shopping centres, and still very popular with its 36 k sqm and 58 k visitors daily. We are constantly searching for new offices for our client in Kyiv and I think New Work Labs will be a good one.

-    What is the target group?

-    Small IT companies, start-ups and freelancers. All those who prefer to work in professional environment linked to the local community. Recruiters are also potential tenants, as they have easy access to their clients without making any additional efforts.

-    We have contradictory news from Kyiv, how is the situation now?

-    The economy is getting stabile since the mid of 2016, there are signs of recovery and growth. I admit that there are some risks in the Eastern of the country and in Crimea as these problems are still unsolved but many good things happen recently in the country too. The most important is that we are getting closer to the EU. I deeply believe that this is a good time to enter the Ukrainian market.